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My Mac is covered under Applecare warranty, are you able to repair it for me?
If your problem is hardware related and covered under warranty you should contact Apple for advice on how to have your Mac repaired under warranty. We are able to assist with most other issues you may encounter. Please be aware that software related issues are NOT covered under Apple warranty. If you are unsure on whether you qualify for a warranty repair please contact us and we'll be happy to advise you.

My computer is old, is it worth fixing?
The value of any equipment is down to the owner and the use they have for it. We will provide you with an estimate for the repair work and then you can make a decision on whether to proceed with the repair.

What about my data, will I lose any?
Where relevant, we backup your data before any procedure.

Why doesn't the link work?
For maximum compatibility we recommend using a webkit based browser when visiting this site. Internet Explorer users in particular will encounter issues due to that browsers poor support of modern open web standards. Visit our Troubleshooting page for more information.

Are my online payments secure?
For your convenience and security our online transactions payments are through PayPal, this gives you a range of payment options plus confidence in the integrity of the service we use.

Tuition: Can my partner/friend/colleague sit in on the tuition?
Our tuition is tailored toward one on one sessions, however we are happy to discuss options and pricing for additional attendees.

I am unable to contact you by phone on either your office or mobile number
We have provided both a landline and mobile number for your convenience, on rare occasions you may need to leave a voicemail. Our policy during a paid consultation is to provide the customer with our undivided attention. We think that when you are paying for a service, you can rightfully expect that our full focus is on your needs. Please leave a voicemail or send a message via our contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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Web Services

How much will my site cost?
That depends largely on what you want. Our rates are extremely competitive. We create a contract which either contains a detailed scope of work or references one - based on precisely what you have indicated you need. We require your signature before we start the actual building. It sets out what we do, what we'll need from you (content), plus how and when we'll complete each stage. You'll know exactly what to expect before we get started. And so will we. In addition, we offer extremely reasonable maintenance contracts to do your updates, additions/deletions so that your site is always current. We have per page pricing, hourly rates, and site packages.

Can you offer a complete package: I really don't know much about the web; What if I want it all done for me?
We certainly can. We'll design, build and maintain your site based on your needs. We use trusted, reliable hosts on state of the art servers. Or you may simply need to set up an e-commerce section of your existing site. Or advice on updating your present site. Whatever your need, we'll meet it.

How do I decide on a design for my site?
In short - Yes. Use a design as a starting point, the layouts you see are as 'blank slates'. Colors, text style, text size, placement of graphics and images, and many features ('Light-box', 'Accordion', 'Popups', 'tickers', 'scrollers', 'galleries', 'streaming video', news feeds, blogging software etc) are available to enhance the way your site appears and works for you.

Do I have to create my own content?
In most instances a client will provide the content and we will design the webpages around that content. However, we can provide content creation services - we will create a draft document based on the criteria you provide and add it to you site after you have made any changes and approved it.

What do you mean by 'content'?
What will go on each page… text (information), images (photos, etc), music or video and so on.

How long will it take to design my website and take it live?
Normally we will agree on a schedule that takes into account your requirements and our resources. If there is a live date that we must meet then we will do everything in our power to meet it for you. In our experience the client can speed up the process by ensuring they give concise instructions on how they want their site and provide as much content as possible at the beginning of the project.

After the site is live what happens?
We do not desert you at the end of a website build if you have opted not to use our website management services. We encourage you to give us feedback about your site and will make any minor amendments or content updates for a short time free of charge as part of our agreement. Going forward from there our services are available for changes/updates, etc.

What's SEO - Search Engine Optimisation?
Every page of your new site will be coded to be search engine friendly and optimised'. This ensures your website gets the best possible start in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) compared with other non optimised sites. We use google approved good / white hat techniques so you can ensure your site will not be penalised for using sneaky techniques to get onto Google and the others.

Do I own the Website code?
Absolutely. When the project has been paid in full ownership of the Web site design will transfer to you.
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Remote Support

What is Remote Support?
Remote support is the use of remote access tools by a consultant to view a clients computer screen to help identify and resolve an issue.

Does your remote support software make me susceptible to hackers? Why do I have to download remote access software anyway, can't we just use Apple Screen Sharing?
Our primary concern is to provide assistance to you that requires zero compromises in your security. We tested the connection methods that are in use on the market, and while they have their good points - there are some aspects we just aren't comfortable with, so we decided to create our own remote support client - it is extremely easy to use, does not require any installation or adjustments to your network security, utilises robust industry standard security and places full control in your hands.

I'm concerned about allowing a third party to remotely access my Mac, how do I know you won't connect again without my knowledge?
Our Macsimise Remote Assist software places full control of the remote session in your hands, unlike other solutions it will be YOU connecting to US for the support session. Using this method you do not need to provide a password, make any changes to your security settings such as Firewalls, etc and you can terminate the connection at any time. For extra piece of mind, after you terminate the connection you could delete the client from your Mac.
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Data Recovery

How will I get my data back?
We will put your recovered data on any appropriate replacement media of your choice such as an additional hard drive, DVD or by FTP transfer.

How can I ensure that I won't lose valuable data in the future?
Failures are a fact of life unfortunately, but you can alleviate the risk of data loss by adhering to a regular backup routine. We are happy to discuss options with you.

Can all lost data be retrieved?
There are occasions when damage to the data is permanent and a complete recovery is not possible. Though it is rare that absolutely no data is retrievable, there are circumstances where the media is extremely damaged on the platter, causing permanent loss of data.

Can I just use Disc Utilty or software recovery utilities instead?
It's your data, it all comes down to how valuable it is to you. In some instances software utilities can successfully recover data. Never use a repair or recovery utility unless it allows you to save the repaired or recovered data to alternate storage media. Most importantly, do not format the drive or change the partitions. Either action can result in permanent loss of your data.

What is the turnaround time for data recovery?
Turnaround times vary and depend on many factors including the degree of media damage, the time required to read entire drive(which is subject to the degree of media damage) to make a mirror image and the degree to which the data is fragmented or corrupted.
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