In this age of the digital lifestyle, there is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when your Mac hard drive has died - with the only copies of your photo's, music, movies and documents.
That awful feeling is further compounded when you get 'price shock' as your search for options only turns up data recovery services that are aimed at big business with their corporate price tags!
    We Offer An

    Affordable and Effective Data Recovery Service

"Tony at Macsimise was my saviour. He took my tears and Macbook, kept me informed of the repair progress and was able to rescue my data from the faulty hard drive. Do not hesitate getting Tony and Macsimise on board should you need any help with your Mac."
E. Morris, Ultimo NSW
If your drive makes any unusual noises such as clicking, buzzing, scraping or other metallic noises, it may be indicative of mechanical failure. Power down the drive immediately and contact us so we can devise the best solution to save your data.

We can

- assess whether we will be able to retrieve data from your hard drive
- retrieve the data if you choose to proceed
- replace your dead hard drive
- get your Mac up and running again with your apps installed if required
- provide options to avoid a repeat of this calamity

The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed.

If you believe your hard drive is failing or that you've lost data, turn off the drive and
contact us without delay. The longer a hard drive runs, the more difficult it is to recover data.